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Two Common Personality Traits of Highly Creative People

It seems highly creative people typically exhibit two major classes of behaviour traits. The following is a few thoughts on the psychology of these behaviours.

Making Use of the Raw Material of the Mind

There is a tendency for highly creative individuals use more of their brains than non-creative people, while trying to achieve a goal or solve a problem. This occurs particularly when their problem or goal is related to an area of creativity. Someone who is creative will think about drawing an image of a cat in more depth than the average muggle person would. He or she will include details that portraits the cat with distinction, such as depicting emotions and interesting quirks, clothing or props.

Since the creative person uses more of his or her brain in achieving a goal or conducting a task, there are more raw materials provided from which to develop ideas. Part of this is that creative individuals think, feel and use their intuition in their acts. He or she will have questions and consider different situations when solving problems. While drawing on a broader spectrum of themselves, curiosity and spontaneity becomes common qualities of creative people.

Exhibiting Less Regulation of Their Intelligence

People who are creative have a less active dorsolateral prefrontal region of their brains.

Creative personalities censors their thoughts and impulses less, such as keeping themselves from doing or saying inappropriate things. There is a practical purpose to this — individuals who have less intellectual regulation will feel more open to creating works of art, music, writing, etc.

People who are considered to be “creative misfits” have rebellious personalities and wants to do things their own way.

You may be called a rebel, but you probably just come up with your own rules and follow them logically. There are clear guidelines in a creative individual’s mind to reach a goal.

Recognize is that there are so many conceptions of what artists are and those who work in creative fields are like. Do not let it discourage or limit you. Find and use your unique creative strengths to your advantage.