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3 Thinking Patterns Which Makes You More Creative

You can help yourself to develop more creativity by adopting some of the attitudes that are commonly found in creative people.

[dropcap style=”circle” title=”1″] Optimism
Creative people are not blind to negative aspects in their lives. However, they actively set about improving things rather than just moaning about the bad things. People who are creative take an optimistic view that most of the problems they face are solvable. They respond well to challenges


[dropcap style=”circle” title=”2″] S̶t̶u̶b̶b̶o̶r̶n̶n̶e̶s̶s Perseverance When Facing Challenges
Perseverance is a hallmark quality shared by people with high creativity levels. Once they seize on an idea, they will see it through to the very end, overcoming whatever challenges they face.
Fight or flight. Either (temporary) ignore the challenge completely. Or meet it head on, rather than delay and distress. The attitude is one of “how do I overcome this challenge?” and a commitment to solving the problem.

PS. how marvelous that a word like stubbornness persists to insist on a unreasonably number of constantly repeating consonants.


[dropcap style=”circle” title=”3″] Imagination & Curiosity

Just like children creatives often play the game “what if”, imagining number of wildly unrealistic and/or improper scenarios. This is manifested in how a creative person can often see multiple solutions for a given problem, and can quickly come up with ideas to deal with the problem.

Creative people are very curious. They frequently pose questions such as “Why…”, “Why not… ” or “How…” Get into the habit of ‘dying to know’ if you want to improve your creativity.