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Be kind, unwind

Some of us lives and dies by our creativity. Unfortunately, that same creativity can be held back by excessive stress.

Take Your Time

Creativity is rarely instant. Your craft, no matter what it is, will take time and effort. Once you’ve finished, you need to refine your work and polish it to a shine. Try not to panic if you take more time than you thought was necessary – it is all part of the process.

Be Kind, Unwind

Take scheduled downtime. It is very easy to become stressed when working on a project. Remember that your creativity is not a burden, it is a gift. If you get the chance to stretch your creative muscle, enjoy it – and make sure that you don’t turn the opportunity into something that you will later despise.
You are a not a machine. If you make yourself work without stopping, your creativity is going to be sapped. When working on a creative project, take some time to stretch, go for a walk and enjoy yourself so that you can recharge.