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“Beat the Drum Slowly”
Music Video and Animation

"Beat the Drum Slowly" is an musical escape into the deepest reaches of the subconscious.

Scary and ethereal, “Beat the Drum Slowly” is an inspiring and thought provoking piece of dramatic imagery.

The hypnotic and melodic tones evoke a dream world that is at times weird and at others, breathtakingly beautiful. “Beat the Drum Slowly” is an escape into the deepest reaches of the mind and subconscious.

The primal nature of the piece highlights the beast within, an intensity that can only be tapped into through dreams. Prepare to be moved a tour de force of  raw musical and visual talent.

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Directed and animated by Chad Vangaalen @chadvangaalen

Taken from the new album “Hot Dreams” – out now on Full Time Hobby.
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