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A Bibliophile & Creative Dating Experience

The benefits of dating a bibliophile

Whenever I see someone with a book, I’m immediately drawn to them. I have to know what they’re reading – it’s a peek inside their mind, and one of the best indicators of personality.

Frankly, I like a woman who reads – it says so much about a person when you know that they are a bibliophile, and taking the time to talk to the reader can build the foundation for a real, meaningful relationship.

Some may prefer a partner that reads because of some perceived notion of intelligence being linked to books – and I won’t deny that the factor weighs heavily one me, as well. But what I really like about dating readers is what the books can do for a relationship. If you’ve got a book, you’ve got access to real conversation – and to a person who gains empathy and creativity through those books and conversations.

I don’t tend to enjoy conversations with anyone who sticks only to haute-literature, as even the smartest and most refined reader can have the occasional urge to indulge in little trashy reading. Creativity is best watered from many sources.

The difference between a person who loves to read and a literary snob – the former truly loves books, while the latter tends to be more fond of the social cache that he or she gets from reading books off of an approved list.

Dating a woman who reads is inspiring and fun all at the same time. Be on the lookout for people who read, because they can influence your life for the better. Look for that interesting book cover and try to strike up a conversation – you never know where it might lead you, and you never know what you might learn.

 Let a book recommend the person:

  • More than talk, real conversation
  • Reading builds empathy*
  • Books grows wisdom
  • It is wonderful to have a lazy Sunday snuggling up together with books.

Good book bad book, snobbery:

  • Even if it is a bad book, they are still reading. Which puts the person ahead.
  • The most literary people should enjoy a few guilty pulpy pleasures.


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Now uninstalling Tinder and removing my dating profiles. The important things about a person can’t be learned from a photo or a questionnaire, and I like a girl who reads.



*Additional information

Reading builds empathy, science agrees too, not surprisingly I expect them to be readers too.