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Talk, Dance, and Drink With Your Muses

There’s a very real sort of creative power that comes only from getting outside your own head. A muse allows you to look at the world without your usual filters and desires, and inspires real problem solving.

There’s a reason why so many of the greatest artists in the world has whirlwind romances and close friendships – their inspiration comes from their connections to others. Next time you’re stuck, step outside of your own mind. Think about how you’d solve your problems for someone else, or how they would solve it for you.

Great ideas is often only a conversation away. Go hang out with your muses. If you or they are too busy right now give them a call. You just mind find that it frees up your creative process.

Artists have through history been inspired by the existence specific people in their lives. Muses that moved and stimulated them to create. Their basis of their relationships could romantic, friendship, or family. It could be a woman, a man, or even an animal. Often a person they knew, but not always.

Famous Muses artist pairings that spring to mind is:

Edouard Manet - Olympia - 1863

Edouard Manet – Olympia – 1863

Édouard Manet’s muse Victorine Meurent, who he painted in 1863. The painting Olympia were controversial and caused scandals since he portrayed her as a prostitute with her servant.

Allen Ginsberg’s partner and muse Peter Orlovsky. Ginsberg described it like this “At that instant, we looked into each other’s eyes, and there was a kind of celestial cold fire that crept over us and blazed up and illuminated the entire cafeteria and made it an eternal place.”

Francis Bacon whom broke into the house of George Dyer in order to capture him as his muse.


Francis Bacon, ‘Three Studies for a Portrait of George Dyer (on light ground)’, 1964,
© The Estate of Francis Bacon / DACS London 2013. All rights reserved. – See more at:


Signs Of a Great Muse

Muses will come and go. More important than how long a muse relationship lasts, is that a good muse will accept you for who you are. It can be difficult to know precisely what to do or say to be a good muse to someone. Trying too hard will make the relationship artificial.  A few signs of a great muse includes:

  • When you talk to them, the clock spins faster and time flies.
  • You both laugh alot.
  • An abundance of ideas and weird thoughts.
  • There is a feeling of playful ease.
  • Acceptance of each other, both good and bad.
  • Everything seems possible.


Find Your Muses

The best muses are persons that possesses imagination, abundance of talent, and are very expressive.  Find your muses, and go be someone else’s muse.