Inspire, develop & celebrate creativity

Planning is neat. Creativity is messy.

The creative process can be planned for and to some extend controlled. Others claim it’s a myth, just as the emperor didn’t wear any clothes, the creative process and search for Inspiration, is, they cry, just an excuse for having fun and taking too long. They are only half right, since creativity is fun, hard fun.

When the creative process is tricked into the brackets of an excel sheet, we benchmark ideas into oblivion or worse – deadening dullness. Pumping more generic garbage into that landfill we call a marked place.

Crossing Fine Lines

Know how, in this field is, knowing how to draw the line. The lines of the design and more importantly the line which separates process and result.

Results must be submitted to both control and benchmarking. That’s how we learn and get better. The process leading up to the final result however is in its essence an unpredictable, iterative, and sometimes an introspective act. Applying a ‘one-fits-all’-standard erodes the fundamental tools to create something new and innovative. 

The understanding amongst trailblazers of both creative and corporate, is that a secure bridge between them is the only way to let control and creativity rendezvous and make something beautiful.

Go create some beautiful.

Take care not to fall into the Perfectionism Trap.

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