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Crystal Wagner’s Colourful Swirls Of Inspiration

Crystal Wagner’s art are colourful, imaginative sculptures, drawings and paintings. Her art is full of intricacy, unexpected colour combinations and curved, undulating lines are curving with passion, beauty and life, invigorating those who view them.

There are three aspects of Wagner’s artwork that I find remarkably inspiring:

  1. How she works with white space. In conjunction with colours makes the artwork stand out as colourful yet not ostentatious.
  2. The mingling of materials in both art and sculpture creates a personal, inimitable expression.
  3. Each work shows the artist’s expertise and her careful attention to detail.


Art Installations By Crystal Wagner


About The Artist

Crystal Wagner obtained her associates degree in 2002, a bachelor’s degree in 2004 and a master’s degree in 2008. She has since gone on to host her own exhibitions, visit various colleges and speak at art symposiums. Her artwork has been displayed by The Art and Science Journal, Complex Art and Design Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine and other prominent online and offline art publications. She has won several awards for her efforts, as well as the acclaim of critics.


Drawings & Prints By Crystal Wagner


Her source of inspiration appears to come not only from using a wide range of colours but also incorporating different types of materials in her art. One theme that can be seen in her ink drawings, paintings and sculptures is the use of curved lines. While her art may seem abstract in that it consists of various shapes that cannot be categorized as being any one thing, it is clear that the beauty of nature (i.e. flowers and twisting vines) have inspired her to create art that reflects nature’s wild beauty.


Sculptures & Boxes By Crystal Wagner


Time Lapse of The Artist At Work

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Gallery Representation by Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco