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The doodle isn’t just mindless drawing – it’s a creative gateway.

Remember how you were always yelled in class because you were doodling? (or was that me?)

Think about what a doodle is for a moment. It isn’t just something you draw, it’s something that you do. It is a moment of unrestrained thinking placed down on paper. It is automatic writing for the creative and aesthetic sense. Whether you’re writing your name or you’re making geometric shapes, you’ve tuned out the world and started putting your subconscious on paper.

Doodling, then, is inspiration finding its way out of your head, leaving a trail of bread crumps on the paper.

Is a doodle the most stunning piece of creative artwork in the world? No, not mine at least. Doodling is however, a neat trick to keep the ego busy while teasing the subconscious into play. Doodling can give your creativity a chance to free climb for the view alone. No safety net needed. Belay control for solid chance to express ideas that your conscious mind might suppress.

Give a little cheer for the doodle next time you start to unconsciously scribble.