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Happy travel fever inspired by this wonderful ad: “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”

TBWA Paris says:
Bystanders were able to play with a mime artist in Milan, have their portraits drawn in Brussels, dance with a hip-hop crew in Barcelona, share a romantic boat ride on Geneva Lake, and join a group of young Germans on a bike ride across Stuttgart. These interactive and fun experiences not only created multicultural links among Europeans, but also enabled us all to realize that at the end of the day, Europe it’s just next door.

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CreativeReview writes:
Produced by a promising young talent, Nathan Besse, and complemented by Florent Brown’s catchy soundtrack, the ensuing video ad will be broadcasted online and at movie theaters.

Credit Where Credit is Due

[row][one_half]Director of Creation: Philippe Simonet
Artistic Director: Sebastien Guinet
Copy Writer: Josselin Pacreau
TV producer: Blaise Izard, Virginie Chalard, Maxime Boiron
Post producer: Elise Gamboa, Sophie San
Producer: Sylvaine Mella
Director: Nathan Besse
Photography Director: Pierre Edelmann
Color Grading: Anne Szymkowiak
Music: Florent Brown
Sound Design: David Amsalem, Anais Khout
Edit: Hugo Lemant, Nicolas Gerard[/one_half][one_half]Agency: TBWAPARIS
SNCF credits: Barbara Dalibard, Olivier Reinsbach, Delphine Nathan,
Charlotte Taieb, Nihan Angrimangi
Agency credits: Luc Bourgery, Stéphanie Chevallier, Edouard Manhes,
Justine Myard-Guidi, Morgane Lejeau, Corinne
Event and production company: Stink Paris
Post production: Firm studio, ELSE[/one_half][/row]