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Fallulah’s Dragon Animated Music Video

Danish singer-songwriter and Fallulah creates a cacophony of colours flashing heavy symbolism  in music video by Brazilian animator and director Fabricio Lima.

Fallulah – Dragon Music Video

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Fallulah – Dragon, partial lyrics



I got a dragon by my side
He’s my lover I’m a fire
I can’t go, but why,
He hurts me all the time
He is my reason I’m too soar
I’ll never leave this floor
Can’t see what’s coming next
The shield is on my chest



I got dragon on my back
It be my heavy heart attack
It won’t leave, but why
He burns me all the time
I can’t breathe but I want more
Hot hell, so what’s instored
He left me in this place
I wish I could be safe



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Video directed by Fabricio Lima.

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