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Helvetica, Homage to the Tofu of Typography

The Story of Helvetica.

The tale of Helvetica proves the notion that most great innovations are rooted in tradition, draws on solid workmanship and comes to life through ingenious passion and determination.
Helvetica was developed by Max Miedinger with Edüard Hoffmann in 1957 for the Haas type foundry in Münchenstein, Switzerland.

The new updated sans-serif typeface took the world by storm. Its adaptability and usability in all graphic formats fuelled the success.
Advertising agencies, corporations, transportation systems, newspapers et.c. absorbed the design and used the modern yet timeless signs in a raid towards the future and modern communication.
Helvetica’s victory lap was celebrated by Apple, Microsoft as they made it the standard typeface.
The rest is History and for 50 years Helvetica has provided the broadest shoulders for developers of new typefaces to stand on.

Helvetica is the tofu of typography; easily digestible, inoffensive and absorbing aroma from anywhere you apply it. Which makes Helvetica a sensitive subject in my design practice. Insist I use Helvetica and risk a dirty look. Yet still I keep returning to it.

Some years ago I worked with an agency client whom insisted to use Helvetica in every single project. Eventually even the most delicious typeface causes nausea from typographical binging. During future projects I gave 10% discount on projects not using Helvetica, or as the client considered it; a 10% price penalty on projects which did.

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Helvetica is in it’s own subtle way both the Past and Future of Graphic Design.
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