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how do you crack the mainstream without selling out? | I-D VICE

If you believe that “pop” is as valid an art form as any other, there is a snobbery to this. Jamie XX has drawn on various genres so why not borrow as a form the three-minute pop song? Extrapolate the sentiment out to young artists and the results can be heavy-hitting. We all need to pay the bills.

The logical conclusion to this puritanism is that “real” artists only make art for themselves. Which, when you think about it, is oxymoronic. An audience is an essential component for art. Without one you’re a person in a room with a pen or a paintbrush or a piano. To claim the audience is incidental doesn’t hold much water: curating your audience, thinking about who your art is for and who’s NFI, is part of the process. It’s strange to try to claim it’s all for you.

Text Oscar Quine
Artwork Christopher Dombres

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