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Obsession With Ideas In Business

Many businesses work hard to produce a brilliant idea that will solve a problem, but pay little attention to filtering out bad ideas, or implementing good ones. This holds back actual innovation, and it is worth exploring why it occurs.

Brainstorming Is On the Bullshit-Bingo Cards In Every Business.

Popular, over used and under utilized. There is few concrete ways to ensure the ideas generated will be useful. Management like numbers, and it is easier to report on the number of ideas raised than on the implementation of an innovation strategy. Creativity often meets the same fate and gets measured only by quantity.

When there is an draught of ideas, managers are reluctant to make a selection that includes the most creative ones. Secondly, when people realize ideas are not being acted on, they will view generating ideas as a waste of time.

How to Work With Ideas

The first step is to get rid of your backlog of ideas by either scrapping them or implementing them and in either case you should notify the people who submitted them. Failure to acknowledge ideas discourages people from contributing ideas in the future.

It is all about implementing a creative vision, and a means to attain the goal of that vision.

Come up with one big, creative idea as well as numerous smaller ones.