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The Fantasy Worlds of Tatiana Kazakova

Perhaps the one defining factor that sets Tatiana Kazakova’s art apart is her vast, vivid imagination. She paints highly naturalistic images of birds, fish and land animals and then sets these in dreamscapes and fantasy settings with an confident absurdity that fascinates and intrigues.

It appears that a great deal of planning has gone into each illustration. The work displays attention to each minute detail.

The artist has gone beyond her native Russian background, and pulls inspiration from people, cultures and settings spanning the world, Japan in particular is a recurring theme.

Her paintings have been displayed and sold at prestigious exhibitions in Russia, the United States, Finland and Sweden. They also form part of exclusive private collections pertaining to savvy art investors in Russia, Europe and the U.S. Thankfully, many of her images are available for free viewing online, enabling budding and even successful artists to enjoy her style, learn from her techniques, and the way she incorporates inspiration.

What Creatives Can Learn From Tatiana Kazakova’s Art

1. Perhaps the most important lesson is to let your imagination have free reign. It was when Tatiana Kazakova did so that her artwork went from good to unique and amazing.

2. A second lesson would be to never underestimate the importance of doing research. While the artist has a vivid imagination, the intricate details of each picture make it clear that she does not rely on her imagination alone. She has obviously viewed and studied artworks from a wide range of sources to gain inspiration.


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