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Textile Art By Mr.Finch

Mister Finch makes textile art and drinks tea. He is particular about how he likes his tea. Which he sips in Yorkshire, England. When he is done with his tea his needle treads life into textile art.


Mister Finch has worked with many different materials and artistic media over the years, and now prefers to sew. He tirelessly twists wire, and wire interwoven fabrics into woven wonders.

Things forgotten and things lost can be found his artwork. He looks beyond the ordinary and is not afraid of the peculiar, quite the opposite.

Memories of pillowcases is gently stuffed into Mr.Finch’s dream creatures.

 He works with found and recycled materials, including “velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress, and a vintage apron” and other oddities.


Mister Finch circles back to specific ideas. Birds, flowers, and insects are leitmotifs in his practice. You may find a sculpture of a moth with tapestry wings and a body of fur. He humanizes them, by dressing them up in clothing and shoes. Revealing titbits from their secret life.

The inspiration for many of his pieces comes from British folklore, and he states that the “fabulous stories and warnings…never cease to be at the heart of what I make”.



The peculiar and charming come together in these pieces. The fantastical creatures are considered to be a “joy for the eye and soul”. Mister Finch has mingled his love of the fairy tale and the natural world to create a magical realm of his own with his work.


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