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New Experiences Turns On Creativity

The things that you experience will impact your life and your creativity.

The things that you experience will impact your life, be it a dinner with a creative individual or a trip down to the supermarket.

With a bit of effort you can deliberately change how you experience the world. Which will in turn change and expand the kinds of ideas available to you.

It is difficult working creatively if one is living a life that is closed off.

 If you spend more time avoiding new things and defending the old than getting new experiences, you will find it hard to change your point of view. It takes being open – through meeting interesting people, reading a variety of books, and getting exposure to diversity of ideas and world views.


To be or not to be is a question so important that it has its own field of study – ontology. This field concentrates on the contexts in which individuals exist in the world. These contexts provide not only one’s place in the world, but how one perceives the world itself. Providing a rich range of perspectives will allow you ontological shifts.

This process is not, of course, necessarily easy. Staying closed is comfortable. When you know your place in the world, you have to put in less effort.

This is why individuals become less creative as they age – sticking to what they know provides a sense of security, while seeking out the new can be frightening. And indeed, being open is unpredictable and may occasionally lead to unpleasant experiences. Doing so will, however,  expand your frame of reference and enable a fuller and more creative life.