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How Do You Come Up With One Really Good Idea?

Q: How do you come up with one really good idea?

A: You don’t.
Get many ideas. Then pick the best one.

Conspire to set the stage for a prison break of your mind. Find a place where you can just be yourself to think. It may be out in the garden, in a meeting room or in the kitchen. Where does not matter; what matters is that you do not feel inhibited by colleagues, a boss, friends or family.

Tickle yourself with a trickle of bad ideas. Improper, giggle inducing ideas. The worst you can think of. Know that any idea that comes next can only be better. Don’t evaluate your ideas. Suspend opinion.
Now you have broken the shackles of self-judgement.

Fold your umbrella it is time for a rain dance. Raise a storm of ideas, come up with as many as you can as fast as you can, then go faster. Outrun judgement. Ideas travels in herds. The limits are gone -keep going until exhausted.


Stop. Rest.


Thin the herd, kill of the worst ideas.  Go through all of the ideas. Evaluate. Categorize. Pick the five best. Among these, you will have at least one really good idea.