Inspire, develop & celebrate creativity

Enhancing Creativity
Through An Open Mind

Opening your mind will unleash your creativity, giving you intellectual power beyond your imagination. It will also make your mind a target that other will try to dump their garbage in. The key is to cultivate a mind that is open and critically primed for welcoming new thoughts and ideas.

Closed Minds vs. Open Minds

Creative personalities are constantly in a state of learning, exploring and questioning.

 They are the epitome of open-minded. Closed-minded people rarely question anything, and go throughout their lives on autopilot.

A closed minded person will actually reject and block out new ideas if they are not in line with their long-established beliefs.

The Benefits of an Open Mind

An open mind makes you more receptive to what life has to offer. It allows you to experience more of the world, living fully and embracing life. People with open minds experience less resistance meeting interesting people, discovering new wonders and learning new skills.

Ontology is the study of existence and the nature of being.  Our frame of reference determines what we perceive and how we perceive it. Closed minded people perceive the world as narrow, predictable and straightforward. Open minded people perceive the world as infinite, spontaneous and limitless.

Having an open mind is key to tapping into your creativity and experiencing life fully. Opening up allows perceiving the world with duality, giving a clear understanding of how things are, while holding a simultaneous vision about how they could be.