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Accessory & Shoe Designer Rob Goodwin

Goodwin is more than a shoe designer – he’s a master of fashion’s more outré aesthetics. Drawing from styles as diverse as indigenous tribal culture and steam punk chic. There is a sense of both whimsy and meaning to each of Goodwin’s designs.

Goodwin was commissioned to design the Firebird headpieces and other costume accessories for the English National Ballet. Costumes designed by Tom Ford’s Design Director David Bamber. Ballerina Ksenia Ovsyanick is here photographed by Diego Indraccolo.

Rob Goodwin began his career working in the television industry, but his true passions was quickly discovered to be fashion. Unwilling to stick to the mundane, he became fascinated with footwear and its transformative impact on the female form. The artist then pursued a Masters of footwear at the London College of Fashion, where he combined his keen eye for fashion with new and innovative techniques in the world of leatherworking.


“One rode ahead, pale skinned under her helmet. Axle grease and regalia. A murder of crows.”

Photography: Diego Indraccolo – Stylist: Kay Korsh – Model: Carola Insolera.

He is perhaps most famous for his work on masks and shoes, but Rob Goodwin is a well-rounded artist. Seeking to combine various styles into something that seems both familiar and new, his works have been auctioned as works of art for various charities and causes. He currently designs for footwear labels and various media outlets, as well as providing the costuming for the English National Ballet.

Photography: Diego Indraccolo/ Ben Riggott – Stylist: Kay Korsh/ Ellie Hay

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Rob Goodwin
Costume Design: David Bamber, Design Studio Director at TOM FORD Womens wear
Photographers: Diego Indraccolo / Ben Riggott
Stylists: Kay Korsh / Ellie Hay
Ballerina: Ksenia Ovsyanick Twitter @KseniaOvsyanick
Model: Carola Insolera: Twitter @carolainsolera , Instagram @carolainsolera