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Four Thoughts on Joining a Creative Partnership

Recently I had some serious consideration regarding going into a creative partnership. Thinking about my possible future creative partners.

Thought: Get to know each other right away, and the right way.
Creative relationship demands formation of a strong bond between partners. Call it chemistry or camaraderie, it is still an important element of collaborating well. It fosters the basic connection that creates fireworks. Creative projects benefits from teams who would walk together through a blazing building then get back to business as usual.


 When it comes to creative partners; don’t wait for the wedding night. Go for a test drive. Dip your toes before lounging headfirst in. Assign a small but real project. If that works, then get fully involved in the partnership, assess it, and optimize it. Expand on it.

Thought: Be transparent and ask don’t assume.
Honesty to one another about visions, dreams, goals, hopes and fears is very significant. Transparency is paramount. It fosters respect, irrespective of which side of partnership any outcome may favour. Always ask straight questions of you partner to avoid misinterpretation.

Thought: Talk about money.

Don’t be shy. Unlike in good company, talking about money with your partner is not a faux pass. It is one of the most delicate conversations for people to dare facing in the early stages of a partnership. Yet it is a must. It saves a lot of time and effort to know that you are in the right track. Remember disagreements will come if there is money, or they will come if there is none.


I realised that;

Yes, do like them and they are nice people.
Yes, they do produce great work.
Yes, they will enable me to become better.
Yes, the financial side appears sound.

Next step in building a partnership determining whether our Lego’s will click or not.

Fingers and eyes crossed, legs not. Because creativity is never platonic.