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Perfectionists are driven and work tirelessly to improve their results. The results of their work is often amazing and detailed, yet managing a perfectionist can be …

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Same-same, but different Creative professionals can be found in every corner of the world. By doing creative work in more than ten countries I …

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Creativity is increasingly becoming a differentiating factor for successful organizations. To lead a great creative team you need to nurture the right culture. All …

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When it comes to getting the best return on your time investment, being able to spot a bad client is a valuable skill. In …

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Firing a client may seem ironic. After all, you probably face a great deal of competition in your field and have worked hard to …

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Prima donnas are not all bad; many of them us are extremely talented, take initiative and are hard workers, to name just a few of …

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Being intelligent doesn’t always mean that you are right. Unfortunately. Why do brilliant people defend dumb ideas? Pitfalls of the clever Intelligent people follows dumb leaders …

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If you aren’t a perfectionist, chances are you have met someone who adorns the label.

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A compliment is simple It costs you nothing, yet can reap fantastic benefits. If you want your compliments to mean something, use them correctly. …