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Adam Martinakis’ work is in the digital realm, but that descriptor seems a bit lacking when you look at his work. The most noteworthy …

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Talk, Dance, and Drink With Your Muses There’s a very real sort of creative power that comes only from getting outside your own head. …

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To me Matisse has been an guiding light and a big inspiration. How Matisse found his path,  how he approached inspiration, and how he dedicated himself to …

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There are a couple factors in particular that make Henry’s Moore’s art as brilliant as it is. To start with, the artist does not …

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Perhaps the one defining factor that sets Tatiana Kazakova’s art apart is her vast, vivid imagination. She paints highly naturalistic images of birds, fish …

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Nadia Wicker is a gifted artist, make-up artist and photographer. Her photography has stunned and amazed art aficionados, art critics and reviewers. It is …

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Perseverance is the first lesson I take from Disney. While it’s easy to think of the company as a media juggernaut. Which has been through …

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“Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity…” The question of why man taps into his creative genius is one that …

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Appreciate professionalism What separates the true stars from the merely very talented? Remember the signature scene from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and read on for a …