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Which Jobs Are Creative?

Is programming an creative endeavour? How about forming a business strategy?  or teaching is that creative?

These questions came up in a camp-fire debate among people who are considered hard-core, full time, pure-bred creatives. Chefs, painters, musicians, and designers. Such as myself.

Do you consider or describe yourself as a “creative”? To answer this, we will need to think about the role and prominence of creativity in any professional work. As an artist, writer, or designer of any kind, you are often perceived as a professional representative of creativity, so it is vital to define and use creativity accurately.

In order to distinguish between the idea of creativity and the practical, everyday application of it,  you need to decide what your definition of creativity is actually is. This definition and application will have a dramatic effect on the quality and aesthetic of your work.

The idea that creativity is for the select few is arrogant and ignorant.

While creativity is precious and fragile, it is every human being’s birth right. However, the reality of creativity is that, if each work is fairly judged by itself, we will find that flamboyant self-expression is not always that creative at its core.

Everyone possess pure creativity from birth, yet few are willing to arrive anywhere near their creative potential.

This is as true for poetry and photography, as it is for programming, business strategy, and teaching too.

TLDR: The short answer,

How creative you are depends less on your title and more on your approach