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“White Fur” Inspiring Visual Poetry

Bringing words to life, Motionpoems blend poetry and video for a new visual medium that is both stunning and awe-inspiring. Taking cues from the art world, motion poet videographers capture the poet’s words and set them to action, celebrating them on film. The results are amazing. Sensual and evocative.

For poet Mark Wunderlich, creating a visual poem is a natural progression from his previous poetic works. Wunderlich, who writes using strong imagery, words that induce emotion and the use of colour, found that Motionpoems could bring his work to life in a way that could simply not be duplicated in any other media.

Wunderlich partnered with Georgia Tribuiani to create a visual representation of his poem, “White Fur”. In this poem he tells the story of the albino deer, a mythical creature who suffers an end not unlike Narcissus, the Greek god who died admiring his reflection. The Motionpoem brings together stark contrasts to bring to life a story that captures the essence of what it means to be human.

Rooted in the deep of a forest, the story is narrated by a man who recalls the story of the mythical albino deer–a creature whose symbolism is not lost to the viewer. The narrator graciously abstains to going into detail about what the deer is intended to represent.

It is no surprise that Wunderlich chose the visual poem to represent his works. Full of colour, imagery and detail, his poems delight both reader and viewer. The beauty of the visual poem is that it is the union of two opposing media—a union that surprisingly is quite an effective tool in storytelling.
With the help of PsyOp, Mark Wunderlich has created work that appeals beyond his niche, and new exhibitions sell out to standing room only crowds. Enjoy this gorgeous union of words and pictures.

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Credits where credits are due:



“White Fur” a Poem By:
Mark Wunderlich

Directed By:
Georgia Tribuiani

Executive Producers:
Todd Boss
Egg Creative
Jennifer David

Adriana Cebada Mora
With: Dave B. The Prince

Voice: Roberto Grossi

Director of Photography:
Todd Heater

Joe Hughes

Music By:
Denis Stelmakh

Production Supervisors:
Cori Cooperider
Amanda Miller
Courtney Nolen



Assistant Director:
Omer Dagan

Assistant Camera:
Jeff Caples

2.nd Assistant Camera/DIT:
Magnus Persson

2.nd Camera:
Taylor Wootton

Make-Up & Hair:
Natalie MacGowan Spencer

Amy Taylor

Production Assistant:
Alex Segal

Sam Shiflett

Marshall Plante

Sound Mix:
Egg Creative



Special Thanks: PsyOp, Egg Creative, Ntropic, SAG.

Poem © 2014 Mark Wunderlich, all rights reserved.
This motionpoem was made possible through a partnership with Graywolf Press.
Film © 2014 Motionpoems, Inc., all rights reserved.


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