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Nadia Wicker – Photographer and Make-Up Artist

Nadia Wicker is a gifted artist, make-up artist and photographer. Her photography has stunned and amazed art aficionados, art critics and reviewers. It is expressive, suggestive and unique. Each image an effortless fusion of art, photography, and theatrical make-up.

Mezig Gallery:

Wicker’s photography distinctly benefits from her talent as a make-up artist. Artistic leeway is taken to evoke feelings of ecstasy, carefree abandon, thoughtfulness, subdued joy, or controlled rage.

Wicker does not limit herself to a particular type of subject; she has worked with men and women throughout the age spectrum and ethnic backgrounds.

Colours set on black, bleeds together, swirls and whirls at the whims of Wicker’s camera. Wicker conjures vibrant hues to hide and accentuate the human form.

Nuwa Gallery:

Getting to Know the Artist

Wicker is a young photographer with a virile talent and curiosity. Her wildness not tempered by formal training.

 She studied make-up artistry for a year before pursuing her passion of photography, a skill which is self-taught. Unlike other photographers, she has not been through a formal education or in a apprenticeship. Wicker rarely to never works with assistants. It appears as if she favouring the freedom of being able to express herself without the influence of others on her vision or to place limitations on her imagination.

Pampeliska Gallery:

Wicker is at present a freelancer who exhibits her works in art studios around the world. Her photographs have appeared in magazines such as Runway Magazine, Trends Magazine, Air France Magazine and Paris Capital.

Wicker uses more than one method or style in her photography. She has stated herself that she greatly enjoys the freedom found in experimentation. Some of her images are aesthetically pleasing while other evokes feelings and thoughts both delightful and disgusting.

Venom Gallery:

Learning from Nadia Wicker

There are three primary lessons on being a creative that I get reminded about by Nadia Wicker. These are:

[dropcap style=”circle” title=”1″] While formal learning has its advantages, so does imagination, following your dreams, and developing an unique and personal creative vision.

[dropcap style=”circle” title=”2″] Embrace the experimentation process. While some artists prefer to be known for a particular style, many of the best artists actually mix various styles and/or have created creations in a multitude of styles and types.

[dropcap style=”circle” title=”3″] Be mindful about what you allow to influence your creative vision.


I look forward to see what new ideas, styles and concepts emerges from her studio.

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