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Woodkid Inspires With Dark Music & Visual Alchemy

While many have been inspired by his work, Yoann Lemoine is still far from a household name. 

The visionary behind the videos of artists such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, the French-born New Yorker is best known for his work behind the camera. Those who look to him only as a director, though, might find themselves missing the artist’s incredible talent as a performer in his own right. The multi-talented Lemoine has released an album of his own under the name Woodkid, and its release has found a great deal of success in Europe.

Woodkid – Iron (Gallery and Official Video)

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Woodkid’s “The Golden Age” has become a surprise hit in France, and certainly makes a mark as a unique work. It’s difficult to say exactly what makes the his work so special – perhaps the that the music is so many things at one time. It’s beautiful, of course, but more than that – it manages to be loud and soft at once, with a variety of instruments that produce sounds that should be discordant but end up building discrete harmonies.

Understanding why the music works so well requires a deeper understanding of Woodkid’s work in general. His time behind the camera has given him an ear for what works on the screen, and his record certain seems full of songs that will eventually make their way into multiple soundtracks. It’s that film knowledge that perhaps best defines him, as well – his live performances are rife with spectacle, with the artist himself only a small part in the larger machinery of the stage. When combined with the music, the spectacle becomes something more.

Woodkid – Run Boy Run (Gallery and Official Video)

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The production isn’t for the faint of heart, and is certainly meant for a specific crowd. What one should realize, though, is that the crowd is a bit more inclusive than that is apparent at the start – and that the music can speak for itself.

Woodkid a showman at heart, and his experience as a director gives him ample ability to put his chops to the test. His works seem to be ahead of their time – I can easily see the record being “discovered” five or ten years from now and hailed as an overlooked masterpiece.

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