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Yu and Chitayat´s Collaborations

Artists Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat collaborates to create ‘Skin Deep’ and ‘Embrace in Progress’.
Skin deep is an interactive installation utilizing real-time 3d technology. While Embrace in Progress is created with a series of 3d captures producing printed sculptures and video art.

With their focus on the beauty of the human condition, through innovative 3d technology they utilizes the body as a either canvas or brush. Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat brings depth and emotion to their work and explores the boundaries of human interaction.

Skin Deep by Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat

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Using projectors, they can transpose the flesh and the skin, creating a new person and breathing life into a flat image. Taking photos from all angles, they present a whole new side of the subjects, posing new questions about exactly who we are and the masks that we wear. This type of technologically innovative artistry has not previously been seen in the industry. I hope that others will adopt these methods in their work.

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Embrace in Progress by Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat

Embrace investigates layers of human conflict and shared intimacy. Yu and Chitayat creates moving portraits and 3d printed sculptures of distorted three-dimensional shapes, giving viewers a glimpse into the complexity of the human interaction.

They work by creating a 3d scans of the body, and time warps the captured meshes. Motion is frozen and distilled into emotion in a texture less 3d model set in a void. Technology allows a rare look at the change catalysed by a simple embrace or a kiss.
Yu and Chitayat’s work serves as an inspiration for deeper and more thorough introspection.

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